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Why Vegan Capsules

VemoHerb supplements now with innovative vegetarian capsules

VemoHerb supplements now with innovative vegetarian capsules People who use VemoHerb know that these supplements are one of the most effective and high quality herbal supplements available on the market. We never compromise on quality. The extracts we use for our dietary supplements VemoHerb are produced by us and we analyze each batch of raw […]

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High quality is unique

We are unique manufacturer of supplements based on botanicals by the fact that we produce our own extracts used for our VemoHerb supplements. The herbs we use for our products are wild-grown in the clean and untouched areas of the low populated parts of Balkan Peninsula. The herbs are extracted into raw materials in our […]

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High quality is simple

Keep it as simple as possible, but not simpler! – A. Einstein Most of our products contain just one extract with defined purpose. You are free to combine them with other products as per your needs and desires. Our R&D team mixes the extracts with other ingredients only when we aim to achieve synergistic effect. Therefore, in our […]

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High quality is professional

Most bodybuilding champs go for a career in the dietary supplements business and start their own brand. Have you asked yourself why is that so? It is not that they are specialists in the field, but it is just the only thing they can profit from, using their reputation. With my deepest respect and admirations to all […]