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Leuzea (Leuzea Carthamoides)


The Leuzea (Leuzea Carthamoides) is a wild grown herb, which is found in the alpine regions of Russia, Bulgaria, China and Mongolia. Also, the plant is known as a Maral root (Leuzea Carthamoides), because the deers dig out and eat these roots during their mating period. The herb is 50 to 120 cm tall, and is characterized by highly serrated leaves. Its healing properties have been known since ancient times.

The Leuzea is often confused with another, not less useful herb, namely the Milk Thistle. The tip of the Leuzea is pink. One of the main differences between the two herbs is in the rosette under the flower head. In its lower parts the Leuzea is more rounded. Another remarkable difference is the lack of thorns, which are characteristic for the Milk Thistle.

Leuzea food supplements, like VemoHerb Ecdysterone, are used for refreshment and toning of the entire body. They are also recommended for distress, exhaustion and sexual weakness. Due to its anabolic effect, the Leuzea extract helps to build muscle mass. The Leuzea acts as an antagonist of histamine, which is a major reason for allergies. The herb has beneficial effect on the human mind and is used as a natural stimulant for the brain activity. Stimulates the processes associated with blood circulation. Effectively helps to build lean muscle mass, and exhibits antibacterial properties.

Besides the above mentioned properties, the Leuzea is also applied in the following cases:
- People active in sports and willing to build lean muscle mass - VemoHerb Ecdysterone stimulates the processes associated with the deposition of proteins in muscle tissues. VemoHerb Ecdysteron is enriched with 95% ecdysterone, which further enhances athletes endurance.
- Blood pressure – the Leuzea provides for normal levels of blood pressure. This is due to its impact on the heart beat.
- Stress and depression – the Leuzea acts on the hormonal levels and via its intake the production of hormones responsible for good mood is increased.
- Stimulates the efficiency of the organism, and helps it regenerate after heavy physical workload.

VemoHerb Ecdysterone is a unique product that helps the fast gain of lean muscle mass and has a beneficial impact on athletes.