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Dietary supplements VemoHerb – high quality for high achievements


Dietary supplements VemoHerb – high quality for high achievements


The Success of the sportsman is relied on physical gifts as well as talent, discipline, iron will and true faith in oneself. These are the qualities each sportsman has to possess, who wants to be not only at the highest step of the winners ladder, but also to go beyond it, overstepping the limits of his capabilities, and setting his goal much higher than the gold medal. Of course there are, external factors, contributing for the good results and these are: the right training under the guidance of a skilled coach who develops the abilities and talents of the sportsman, the correct diet and well-chosen dietary supplements.

Well-selected supplements increase ones endurance, concentration, strength and make the workouts more effective. In addition, these dietary supplements have to be top-quality and natural in order to avoid any side effects or adverse reactions. The VemoHerb dietary supplements are based on herbal extracts, standardized to a high levels of their active ingredients which makes them effective and harmless.


Martial Arts Sports club ‘’Boil’’ chose the VemoHerb supplements which is another proof of the professionalism and experience of the club coaches in the club, choosing the best available products on the market. For his experience with VemoHerb, tells the coach and long-time competitor of the club, Delyan Slavov:


Which VemoHerb products you combine in your practice?

VemoHerb Rhodiola Rosea + VemoHerb Ecdysterone + VemoHerb ECA + VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus.


What daily dose do You takee?

To find The optimal result of the supplements, we take into account the dose according to thel individual weight, sex and age of the competitor complying with the prescription labelling.


Before, during or after work-out?

According to the qualities of the product, for maximum results we/use the advantages before and after work-out. For example – VEMOHERB ECA is taken after work-out because it provides the desired effect, namely acceleration of fat burning, boosting the energy and endurance.


Do you keep a specific diet that promotes the additive’s effect?


A diet is kept obligatory for each competitor, complied with a weight class, age, height and sex. We don’t apply identical diet for everybody because we think, from the sports club ‘’BOIL’’, that the individual approach is the best. For each sportsman is calculated the necessary daily calories income, ratio between proteins, carbohydrates and fats, it’s made a menu via the period and the preparation method, it’s been fully supervised, archived and analysed each detail and when some changes are needed, we make it.

/left: Radoslav Kostov, Theodor Hristov (in back)/


/Bogdan Shumarov/

What is the effect of products combination?

Combining of these products gives a great influx of force, endurance, increases multiple times the condition and concentration, the weight loss is much easier and effective, and even  the hard workouts, are accepted  better by the organism of the competitors and this reduces the injuries which in combat disciplines is the most relevant.  Injuries must not to be allowed to happen.


How did you feel the effect?

Each product’s effect is being felt as force increase, endurance increase and thus leads to much heavier hand and leg punch, each competitor becomes sharper, themovement and reflexes are much more focused.

/Dimitar Miltchev/



How long after you’d started taking the products you felt the effect?


The effect comes very fast, again for example-VemoHerb ECA – at first intake it’s being felt increased condition and concentration and theendurance is the most remarkable factor.


How long the effect lasted?

The effect is being felt at least 3 weeks after the income has stopped, may be even more time but after a competition for sure there is a decline both in the training process and competitor’s regimen. Literally we advise them to slow down and rest but certainly between 2 and 3 weeks after the income has stopped it’s still being felt the effect of the combined supplements.


Their impact on the training process?

Training process with much higher quality regarding force, speed, endurance, condition, concentration, much more effective and better executions of the assigned tasks.


Have the additives/supplements helped you with the workouts?


The contribution of the supplements is undisputable for improving the workout quality. There is no doubt that supplements help, because each competitor becomes better with them.


How specifically they helped you?

They help via improvement of concentration, endurance, force, conditionally they go far beyond their results in short terms.

/Delyan Slavov and Aleksandar Petrov (in back)/



What are the final results?

The final results are obvious – we’ve got World, European, National champions and we are club number 1 for Bulgaria – many times


Even if you don’t do sports professionally, you will convince yourself in the effectivity of the VemoHerb supplements, if you want to accelerate muscle mass gain, to ease fat burning, to strengthen the immune system or mental activity.