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Salt is the main cause of obesity


Salt is the main cause of obesity


Salt is a main and not yet realised problem in modern nutrition, and thus it is an important subject for the overall human health. The social habit of adding a specific salt (among thousands of other salts!) - Sodium chloride, is the reason why it stays incognito as a potential issue for the health. In the past, the addition of salt to the food was needed. It was the universal antiseptic and preservative. And it is fulfilling that function precisely because of its toxicity - microbes die in the presence of concentrated salt.

Of course, sodium is a vital and major extracellular cation. But it, like all other ions, is limited to a narrow physiological range. In the blood plasma, sodium chloride concentration is 0.9% and not even a microgram more! Each particle that is in excess in our body, causes it to scream: "This is poison and therefore I have to dilute it."And it is diluted by the cost of swelling caused by water retention!

"Put a pinch of salt in the wound - that is like the salt pinched when trapped in the tissues "- says Dr. George Gaydurkov, student of Lydia Kovatcheva and author of the books "Human Nutrition" and "Hot Topics in Nutrition."

"It is now agreed that the daily requirement of sodium chloride is only about 1 gram (0.5-1.5 g). A modern man of the "Western" world consumes about 20 g - a huge poisonous dose that our bodies can fight only by diluting it and then slowly and painfully it is excreted mainly through the kedneys, burning the ureter and other organs.

Salt is the main cause of obesity. Neither excess calories, nor even carbs with high glycemic index have this powerful role in our body to grow fat. Salt retains water and this is the main cause of overweight for the humanity today. Furthermore, the addition of NaCl leads to the loss of all other salts – it just shifts them. A pinch of salt leads to losing calcium, magnesium, zinc, and many other salts. Then imbalance occurs. Salt changes the entire human metabolism.

How to get rid of the Salt magic?

First – get informed. Definately, the body does not need any added salt if you eat properly - plenty of raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. Thus, you get the one gram of sodium chloride needed!

Right after the removal of salt you will immediately observe how your body weight normalises and many symptoms and ailments disappear. But it is not only necessary to remove the salt shaker from the table. The bigger problem is in the hidden salt in finished products. If you consume bread from the store – you can be sure you have transcended the acceptable daily intake of sodium chloride. You're used to the taste of salt? Replace it with aromatic spices, hot and sour (lemon). If you need salt anyhow – choose the less evil - salt with a reduced sodium content - ie. potassium salt (66% potassium). But remember - it is only needed by your tongue, not for body. 
Lorita Ilieva