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How to fight high cholesterol


How to fight high cholesterol


Dr. Maria Nikolova, head assistant at the Medical University in Sofia gives an answer how to fight high cholesterol. The cholesterol levels are mainly influenced by genetic factors and our diet. The genetic factors we can not erase, but we can change our diet. How?


1. Lower the energy intake and reduce your body weight.
2. Reduce the servings of meat and limit the fatty meats (pork, beef, lamb), remove the visible fat from chicken meat and skin.
3. Don't take any dairy products or limit their amount severely - cheese, ice cream, milk containing more than 1% fats.
4. Restrict the consumption of eggs up to 2 per week or take only egg whites.
5. Restrict the sweet foods rich in simple sugars (glucose, sucrose and fructose in particular).
6. Minimize the alcohol intake.
7. Lower the consumption of commercial baked dishes, rich in hydrogenated vegetable fats which contain trans fatty acids or fats - cakes, pastries, waffles, biscuits and the likes.
8. None or as little as possible further processed meats - cured, smoked, soaked in brine made from minced meat (flat sausages, Sushenitsa, salami).
9. None offal dishes.
10. Minimize the consumption of seafoods.

How to fight high cholesterol


1. Daily consumption of unrefined vegetable oils - olive, canola, flax, sunflower, walnut, sesame. Add 3-4 tablespoons flaxseed to your salads every day.
2. Increase the intake of fish oil from supplements and even better from consumption of fish (not fried), preferably at least 3-4 times a week (mackerel, herring, salmon, tuna, trout, etc.). Minimum daily consumption of fish - 30-40 grams per day.
3. Avoid butter, mayonnaise, sauces and cream.
4. Everyday consumption of 30 g (20-22 pieces) raw unsalted almonds or 3-4 walnuts.
5. Frequent consumption of oatmeal, bran, oats, musli.
6. Everyday consumption of 15-17 g (1 tablespoon with peak) pectin dissolved in yogurt or juice.
7. Fruits and vegetables rich in pectin - apples, pears, quinces, pumpkin, citrus, rosehips, carrots.
8. Legumes (beans, lentils, green beans) are rich in soluble fiber – consume 2-3 times a week.
9. Supplement the daily intake of soluble fiber (15-25 g).
10. Whole grains - bread, pasta, etc. 
11. Increase the consumption of soy, soy protein, soy products - soy mince, cutlets, tofu, etc.
12. Every day - skimmed yoghurt and possibly probiotics as a dietary supplement if needed.
13. If necessary, intake of antioxidants - vitamins A, E, C, beta-carotene, lycopene, flavonoids (found in VemoHerb Tribulus Forte, VemoHerb CichoriumVemoHerb Tribulus Cichorium,VemoHerb Geranium), Coenzyme Q10 as nutritional supplements, are recommended. 

How to fight high cholesterol

 Additional recommendations:

1. Limit drinking alcohol.
2. Quit smoking.
3. Increase physical activity - starting with a 30-minute brisk walk 3 times a week and get to 4-6 km at a moderate pace every day.