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The recipe of VemoHerb supplements

The recipe of VemoHerb supplements

1. Select the best raw herb:
Every quality product starts with the choice of raw materials and ingredients. From our longstanding experience, we have concluded that the best herb to use in our product is the wild grown one. Wild grown herbs need to be gathered manually. Do not worry – it grows in virgin clean idyllic rural regions so the hiking for this herb is a pleasant experience.

2. Dry the herbal material – do not rush to put it under the sun!
The herb should dry in shade, in order to retain its valuable qualities. We are very careful not to spoil the precious herbs.

3. Check the herb material:
In order to evaluate the quality of the gathered herbs, a special lab analysis is made to test that the herb contains all the necessary active substances we are looking for in the appropriate amounts. In plain terms we check if it is good enough for our premium products.

4. Extract the active ingredients:
In our modern extraction plant located in the virgin countryside we apply our unique know-how technology, constantly enhanced over the past 20 years, to produce a highly purified and concentrated extract.

The dried raw herbs have to be processed into dry extracts. The production process is very complicated, with many preparatory steps and over a dozen extractions, in order not only to guarantee the highest content of the active ingredients, but also to purify the product from all unnecessary ingredients, that may lower or outright remove the beneficial effects of the extract. As for example, for our signature product – the famous Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract, we reach an extraction rate of 1:50 (in other words we produce 1 kg extract from 50 kg dry herbs).

5. Analyze and standardize our extract:
We make laboratory analysis of each batch to guarantee the active substances are present in the extract in constant and appropriate quantity and do not fluctuate from batch to batch.

As an examples, we standardize our Bulgrian Tribulus extract at 60% furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin, according to the Bulgarian spectrophotometric assay. The method we use is approved and validated more than 30 years ago as Bulgaria has long traditions in manufacturing this extract. Another important note to make is that one of the main secrets of the Bulgarian Tribulus extract is the synergistic effect of the whole furostanol saponins group, so we standardize our product according to this group, not just per the protodioscin compound.

That is why the dietary supplement VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus is offered in capsules of 200 mg – an absolutely sufficient amount guaranteeing real results after just one week. The other benefit is that our extract is perfectly standardized and extremely purified meaning that the active ingredients will be easily absorbed and utilized. On the contrary, if you take supplement with 2000 mg capsule content of Tribulus extract, it is almost certain that the extract is weak and saturated with inactive ingredients, which dull even more the poor effect that this supplement might have.

6. Packing:
And because our main objective is to satisfy ALL our customers’ needs, we are now encapsulating our extracts in VCAPS Plus. This is a new type of fully vegetarian capsule (approved by the vegetarians and vegans associations, certificated by Halal, Kosher, etc., not contain GMOs).

Then, pack the capsules in bottles and seal the bottleneck to guarantee freshness of the product


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