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Herbal Supplements

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus Drink (30 sachets)

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus Drink (30 sachets)

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Instant drink with Tribulus terrestris extract, blueberry flavor:

Completely natural
 Provides instant refreshing and energizing effect
 Suitable during physical and mental overwork
 Helps build lean muscle mass, increases strength and energy in combination with regular exercise
 Positively influences the functions of the prostate gland and the general physiological status of the organism
 Helps stimulate the human sexuality and libido
 Positively influences the menopause period


How and Why it WORKS?

The instant drink VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus contains extract from the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris herb. This plant is well known in the Bulgarian traditional medicine. Regarded as a vitality herb, it has been used for centuries for enhancing the human energy and libido.


The Tribulus terrestris extract produced by VEMO 99 Ltd is rich in active ingredients and standardized at 60% furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin. The specific bouquet of furostanol saponins in Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris have a distinct positive effect on strength, muscle growth, lean body mass, sexuality. The main difference between VEMO 99 Tribulus extract and all others is not just the high concentration of protodioscin, but also the high amounts of accompanying substances that modulate and amplify the effects of protodioscin.


In order for the protodioscin to show its main properties, an important role play the other furostanol saponins present in the extract. They assist in transforming cholesterol to Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). It is believed that DHEA slows down the aging process through its involvement in the normal steroidal synthesis in the body, by assisting the transformation of free cholesterol into sex hormones. The decreased cholesterol levels indirectly supports the effects of the active substances from the extract on the cholesterol metabolism. According to some scientists, the plant extract stimulates the luteinizing hormone synthesis and increases the amounts of testosterone in a natural way. Testosterone promotes muscle mass growth indirectly by stimulating the protein synthesis in the organism.


The phytochemistry of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris is unique due to the specific geographic position, the suitable climate and topography of the country and the specific collecting method for the herb. These factors determine the differences in the pharmacological and physiological properties and advantages of the Bulgarian herb when compared to Tribulus terresstris with foreign origin. Most products, available on the market at the moment, contain extracts from India and China, with low concentration of active ingredients and practically no physiological effect.


The Tribulus terrestris extract helps decrease blood sugar, improves blood circulation, helps maintain the cardio-vascular and liver functions, and stimulates the immune system.


The extract VemoHerb® Bulgarian Tribulus of VEMO 99 Ltd is different from the rest extracts mainly with:

  • Using of top-quality wild-grown herb, gathered at a specific phase of growing in ecologically clean regions. The herb is dried and stored according to all technological requirements to guarantee preservation of maximum content of its active substances.

  • Unique know-how technology for obtaining potent herbal extract from the plant raw material that provides high quantity of furostanol saponins with prevealing component Protodioscin.

  • Offering a refined herbal product with guaranteed constant quality, containing suitable combination of furastonol saponins providing the utmost results for our clients.


The product has anenergizing effect, helps you cope with physical and mental overwork. It is suitable for inclusion in different restorative formulas, designed for increasing strength, muscle growth and lean muscle mass. The product is designed to support athletes in the preparatory, active and recovery periods, after physical loads or recent decease. Helps stimulate the human sexuality and libido. Positively influences the functions of the prostate gland and the general physiological state of the organism. Supports the normal state of the female organism during menopause. Prolonged use does not lead to sensibilization, dependence and addiction.

The product is a food supplement not a medical drug. The product is not a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is not recommended for pregnant, nursing women and children!

Ingredients in one sachet: 500 mg active substance: Tribulus terrestris dry extract – 60% furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin and 4500 mg additional substances: filler (maltodextrin); acidity regulator (citric acid); sweetener (stevia); fragrance (blueberry flavour); color additive (carmine); emulsifier (gum arabic). 

Recommended daily dose: 1 – 2 sachets daily. 

Directions for use: The sachet content is dissolved, while stirring, in 250 ml water. 

Net weight: Sachet – 5 g 

Storage conditions: In dry and ventilated areas, away from heat sources and direct sunlight at a temperature under 25 ºC.

Keep out of the reach of small children.

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  1. Great Effect! Review by BD

    I have taken it in my exam phase and am very satisfied. The tablets have really improved my performance and helped me stay fit and regenerate better. I am glad that I finally found a good product that is also vegan, I would definitely recommend it, especially during the exam time if you need stamina and concentration, then you can save the monster drinks and be awake and active in the natural way stay.

  2. Five stars Review by Raul Saenz

    best test. I have ever taken.


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