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Herbal Supplements

VemoHerb Ecdysterone (90 caps)

VemoHerb Ecdysterone (90 caps)

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95% pure Beta-ecdysterone extracted from the plant Leuzeae carthamoides

  •  Stimulates the protein synthesis

  •  Promotes fast gains of muscle mass and strength

  •  Influences positively the endurance, reflexes and physical condition of athletes

  •  It can be used as anabolic stimulant, adaptogen and biostimulant

  •  Increases protein synthesis, muscle growth, strength, endurance 

  •  Non-hormonal, completely natural and safe 


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EcdysteroneHow and Why it WORKS?

The properties of VemoHerb® Ecdysterone are due to the purified active ingredient, 95% beta ecdysterone, which is isolated from the plant Leuzeae carthamoides. They are based on the anabolic, adaptive properties of the ecdysones and the lack of any toxic effects during prolonged usage.



The phytoecdysteroids stimulate protein synthesis and in dosages of 5-10 mg per kg bodyweight they are referred to as protein stimulants, promoting fast gains of muscle mass and strength. As polyhydroxysterols, they affect the metabolism of carbohydrates and nucleic acids, help glycogen synthesis and increase the content of high energy phosphate compounds. This promotes the growth of the skeleton muscles, influences positively the endurance, the reflexes and the physical condition of the athletes.



A number of studies show the anabolic activity of beta ecdysterone as well as its harmlessness and safety for usage during intense trainings or physical overwork. The beta ecdysterone influences positively the functional disorders of the central nervous system, which verges to psycho-stimulating effect on the organism. In the professional sports it is used to achieve physical and psychical stability, without any side effects on the cardio-vascular and the immune systems.



Recommended for:

  • hard training and psychical overwork of athletes and sporting people,

  • removing the symptoms of neurosis due to exhaustion,

  • increasing the stability of the body against overworks in cases of fast tiring.

  • recovering after traumas or diseases.



Recommended dosage: 2 – 4 capsules daily 

One capsule contains: 245,0 mg beta ecdysterone, extracted from the plant Leuzeae carthamoides



Do you know that?

Some centuries ago, in a remote and inaccessible mountainous region in Southern Siberia, primitive medicine men discovered a root which increased longevity and energy. They called it “Maral Root”, because a variety of local deer, the Maral, dug out and ate these roots during the mating season, when the males fought among themselves for the females and to recover their spent energies. The medicine men applied the roots against exhaustion, to counteract weakness and to reestablish sexual functions. However, only a few persons knew the sites where the plant grew and this knowledge has been transferred from one generation to the next.

In 1942, during the Second World War, Russia needed medicines for the healing of wounds and to restore the energies lost by the soldiers and sent scientific expeditions to Siberia, where there were rumors about the existence of plants with a healing potential. These expeditions found the Maral root (Leuzea Carthamoides, also called Rhaponticum Carthamoides) in the mountainous forests and plains within a limited territory of the remote regions of Altay, Kusnetzki Ala-Tau and Sayani. They made known the detailed botanical description of the plant and sent the first bundles of the Leuzea roots to various investigation centers of the Soviet Union to be scientifically studied.

After extensive secret studies, the Soviet armed forces included the Leuzea extracts in their array of medicines for the battle field in order to help soldiers adapt quicker under battle stress.

After the war, the investigations continued and in 1965 the principal active component of the plant, ecdysterone was isolated. The Leuzea extract became the favorite of the Kremlin politicians and was used in Soviet space programs. Due to the military application of these investigations, most of their results were considered military secrets and were not published in scientific papers.

Some years later, a selected group of physicians and biochemists of the Anti-Doping Center of the Russian Olympic Committee discovered that the Leuzea Carthamoides considerably increases the protein synthesis. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the opening of the Soviet medicine to the rest of the world, the knowledge of the properties of this plant became international scientific property. In 1995, after numerous tests with Russian athletes, the extract of Leuzea became the official adaptogene of the Soviet Olympic team.

A customer review so detailed that we decided it might be useful here!

"For me, VemoHerb Ecdysterone is the most impressive product I've ever tried! Product on a global level! Since there are a lot of contradictory information about ecdysterone in the forums I couldn't dare to buy and try it. Another reason for me to hesitate was because I had tried perhaps the most famous American product in the field - E- Bol Thermolife and there wasn't ANY effect during the weeks I took it. (It was a good desicion of the company to discontinue the product so I am glad it is no loner sold!) But as from time to time I happen upon on articles in the internet and studies on multilateral beneficial effects and safety of ecdysterone at the same time I finally decided to give that substance another chance by trying your product. Uunlike your Guggulsterone, that product I could't feel it in any way at the beginning. At this point I just said to myself: “Another Nothing for which I gave my money.” Apparently, however, the extract must be retained/accumulated in the body. For me, this period lasted 3-4 days. Then it became very interesting. Because of my experience with the E -ball I strived to take the capsules on an empty stomach. Usually 4 capsules a day.

The first thing I noticed after 3-4 th day was the increased libido. After a few days it goes fairly away.

Simultaneously starts the ravenous hunger. Especially when you take the capsules on an empty stomach and then not eating anything. In this case, after half an hour the hunger literally hits you suddenly and with such force that you are not able to resist it. You just swallow food with extreme pleasure and even greed. I remember to eat like that only as teenager when my body was growing. Now I'm 36 years old.

And I see that if not all of it but definitely quite a decent amount of food goes in muscle mass. My arms and shoulders definitely enlarged. The muscles became rigid and dense. I did not accomplish that with any of the different types of creatine or protein supplements even with shock doses. Not with a bunch of other supplements! Moreover, I hardly trained during this period. If I trained properly, the results would be much more impressive. I just did not expect such an effect! Your Beta-ecdysterone really enhances protein synthesis.

Definitely affects sleep. Sleep becomes much deeper. I felt my body and head heavy as lead in the morning. Extremely difficult awakening. At least half an hour I had to get out of this sleep coma. Then there was no longer a problem. I mean, during the day I was not sleepy.

Vascularity even at rest. As I said during this period I hardly trained and I didn't take any nitrogen boosters, but the veins in my hands enlarged. I noticed my breathing became deeper and easier. Like my nostrils were more unclog and expanded.

One reason to try ecdysterone was an article that I read that improve turgidity of the skin. I do not have any problem with the skin, but I lost over 20 kg in about a year from over 100 to under 80 and my eyes sunken and my face became a little haggard. So I observed my skin along with everything else. It really has an effect! I saw it and my relatives that I had not seen during this period when I saw them too were impressed. The skin on my face became more dense, and wrinkles around the eyes that followed the loosing of weight almost disappeared. And my face at all gained a healthy appearance. Probably the fact that I gained 2-3 kg during that period also played a role. But definitely beta-ecdysterone for me is a cosmetic product  in a sense that improves protein synthesis not only in muscle but also in the skin.

Very interesting and unexpected, however, was the impact on the psyche. Not accidentally these Siberian reindeer eat this root before the breeding season when they have to fight each other for females. And not by chance was the use of it by the Russian military. This thing definitely makes you bold and aggressive. I researched a little and read one study that it affects dopamine in the brain. Probably that is one of the reasons for its effect besides the improving the functioning of testosterone. This is somewhat enjoyable. My fear almost diminished. But on the other hand I become much more confrontational and impatient. And more prone to risk. For example, I felt that I was crossing the street in situations where previously I would waited for the cars to pass. Or, in a situation when previously I would be silent now I am replying very boldly or if I managed to resist, later I am full with anger that I surrendered. To some extent your mind works differently. Particularly with regard to the protection of "territory" and your own dignity. My tolerance for stimuli from the external environment and the people around me definitely declined one, two degrees and nothing so I could say things for which later I would be sorry. In general, it explained why Rhodiola rosea was given to the astronauts and Levzeyata - to the soldiers in the Soviet Union. Both herbs are adaptogens and super neurostimulators . But cosmonaut who must execute orders from thousands of miles away without being able to directly control it and where the calm mind is the key – for them Leusea Carthamoides would be a little dangerous, though provides additional strength and durabilit . This herb is right for soldiers at the front and athletes.

I am not sure how long you as manufacturer recommend the customer to use your product. All my experiences that I am describing here went within 3 weeks. I found programs in the net that vary from 10-20 days to two or three months. At the end of the third week I started to feel that the effect begins to decrease and increased the dose to 6-7 capsules. Then I decided that maybe my receptors are saturated and needed to take a break before I start a new cycle.

That's all from me. I congratulate you for a great product that you created! I'm telling you that as someone who has tried not just one or two brands of supplements. This is one of the best working products that I've taken and put in its little pocket over 95% of the popular supplements marketed at the bodybuilding.kom. And if the effect is the same during my subsequent cycles with it, it will become a mandatory.

Popularise it and conquer internal and external markets! And I'm sure that women will love VemoHerb Ecydysterone due to the beautiful skin and improving of bone density. But you need to recommended it to be used with sports so to be able to build muscle mass out of the the food ones eat due to the ravenous hunger, and this aggression is to be used against the bars in the gym and not outside.

Gergan Petkov

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  1. Using these herbal products increased general feeling of wellness in my life. Review by Thomas

    My name is Tomáš, age 50; training 5 times/ week; weight 89 kg. I have been doing bodybuilding as a hobby for 25 years with some gaps. I didnt train from 2006-2013. I started once more in the autumn 2013 with 2 workouts/week. First workout was a disaster I had a feeling I had never trained J. But fortunately body have a memory. As usual in my age I felt less energy, slow recuperation and I rather dont speak about sexual appetite J; that was the reason, why I started looking for same legal support, preferably herbs. I tried tribulus from several manufactures and ended up at your products, which are without question the best. I continued and tried ecdysterone with just great results. I felt like I was 15 yeras younger. Now I am a regular user of these products: triubulus terrestris, ecdysterone, fatburner ECA. My experience is that it is necessary put a break in using these products – to let receptors in the body keep sensitivity. I have a break usually cca 3-4 weaks and after that I start new cycle. During the cycle (cca 2 months) I slowly increase recommemded dosage.
    But I am experimenting - now for example I take 6 capsules of ecdysterone 1 hour before workout and thats all for the whole day. And results seams to be interesting.
    I should metion that I daily keep higher intake of proteins (2 g/day) mainly whey protein (I used to have 2,5 g/day), in training days 10g BCAA before and 10g BCAA after workout and cca 5 g of glutamin after workout and usually when I wake up during night.

    1. Types of Combinations:
    1.1. Which of our products you have combined so far?
    tribulus terrestris, ecdysterone, ECA, guggulsterone
    1.2. In what daily dosage?
    tribulus and ecdysterone from 6 to 12 capsule/day (it is quite expensive J); ECA 1-2 capsules before training and I rotate ECA with other fatburners. Combination all 4 produsts I tried only once and I didnt feel big difference from the combination trib+ecdy+ ECA; maybe faster fatburning.
    1.3. Before, during or after training? tribulus and ecdysterone usually 3 times a day (before breakfast, before lunch and in the evening). The whole dosage divided in equal amount.
    2. The effect of the combination:
    2.1. Please tell us more about your experience?
    2.2. What was the exact effect?
    I have much more energy, I lift higher weights, muscles have higher density and are harder, I psychologically and long term - am more courageous – brave J, I dont care about trifles. Sexually I am back in my 30ties J.
    2.3. How long after you started the products felt the effect?
    As I remember quite quickly –in 2-3 days.
    2.4. And for how long does it lasted?
    I felt results when I used products and when I stopped It started slowly fade away, but density of muscles kept.
    3. Their impact on the training process: I am able to train with really high intensity (I train 45-60 min) and with higher weights. Recuperation after workout is shorter than without these products. When I have a break in using these producsts the strenghts is going slowly down, but slowly – bench press 10-15 kg down after a month.
    3.1. Did they help you with the trainings? Yes, dramatically.
    Using these herbal products increased general feeling of wellness in my life. (Posted on 5/19/16)


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