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Vemo 99 Ltd was founded in 1999 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a family-owned business. The company emerged in very turbulent times for the Bulgarian economy in the uncertain years of transition between two political systems. 

The founders – Mr. Hristo Zlatev and Mrs. Nina Zlateva – have many years of experience in enzyme and biochemical production in the biggest enzyme factory in Eastern Europe prior to 2000 – Plastchim Corp. 

Mr. Hristo Zlatev was the Managing Director of the plant while Mrs. Nina Zlateva was a head of the R&D department. Over a period of 10 years of excellent management in Plasthim Corp. they were able to gain precious experience and knowledge, which later helped them establish VEMO 99 Ltd. 

The first idea of the company was to develop and produce standardized herbal extracts from rare Bulgarian remedial plants. Since Bulgaria enjoys a plentiful variety and resource of herbal material, it seemed and turned out to be a very perspective idea. 

Consequently, new business units were born: 

Herbal and enzyme feed additives; 
Development and production of biologically active dietary supplements.



Key Facts:

1996: VSV Ltd – the predecessor of VEMO 99 Ltd was found.

1996 – 1999: The first production plant was constructed in the city of Kneja, North-West Bulgaria.

1999: VEMO 99 Ltd was found as a core unit for development and marketing of innovative herbal extracts and plant and enzyme feed additives.

1999 – 2002: VEMO 99 Ltd has been working on a project for development of innovative natural plant based feed additives – animal growth promoters, an alternative of the AGP doses. In the same time a few innovative enzyme feed additives were developed and prepared for launch on the market.

2002 – 2003: VEMO 99 Ltd has finished registration of its main product series of feed additives – VemoZyme® and VemoHerb®. A huge interest on the domestic market for these products has emerged in the next years.

2002: A new business unit has been created – development and production of biologically active nutritional supplements, based on proprietary company produced herbal extracts. It gained good interest in the forthcoming years on the domestic and some international markets.

2002 – 2007: A big expansion of the herbal extracts sales has been realised on the international markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, US.

2005 – 2010: A construction of a new bigger facility for the raw materials production was created in the city of Kneja, north-west Bulgaria. Its capacity is about 4 times bigger than the initial one.

2007 – 2008: A new very perspective product of the VemoZyme® series has been developed and launched on the market – VemoZyme® F (thermostable phytase enzyme). It gained huge popularity on domestic and international markets in the next years.

2007 – Present: A big growth of the feed additives sales – VemoZyme® and VemoHerb® series, has been realised not only in Europe, but worldwide in the following regions – South America, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Russia, etc. A few registrations has been realised in these regions.