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Martial Arts Sports Club ‘’BOIL’’ – city of Varna

Martial Arts Sports Club ‘’BOIL’’ – city of Varna

MASC ‘’Boil’’ – Varna was established in 2005 as a non-profit organization, according to the legal regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria. A governing body is the management board consisting of 3 members of which chairman and head coach is Krasimir Kirilov. Since 2008 Mr. Kirilov is also the head-coach of the national ‘’full contact’’ style team of Bulgaria.

From 2012, the club`s fighters are admitted with kick-box profile at the ‘’Georgi Benkovski’’ Sports High-school Varna, and Krasimir Kirilov is also a teacher of sports training there.

Since its establishment, MASC ‘’Boil’’ is the undisputable leader in ‘’kick-box’’ and ‘’muay-thai’’ training. The club is Bulgaria`s number 1 for 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and this award is based on actual achievements in the rankings of the national competitions. The club`s fighters win a number of European and World titles.

/Bogdan Shumarov/ /Bogdan Shumarov – rewarding as a European champion/

The club’s activities include mass sports as well as high mastery in sports for all age groups, while the club`s main objective is to build the qualities: discipline, concentration, composure and confidence in one`s own capabilities.

Since its foundation, the club won 30 medals from World and European Championships for men and women, of which 10 are gold, 4 silver and 16 bronze. MASC ‘’BOIL’’ also earned 15 medals from World and European championships for cadets, of which 2 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze. The main core of the Bulgarian kick-box and muay-thai national team are in fact pupil/graduate/trainееs of the club. Moreover, the club got more than 400 gold medals from National championships. MASC ‘’BOIL’’ is a multiple winner of the team’s prize in all the kick-box styles. Qualified coaching stuff who graduated National Sports Academy ‘’Vasil Levski’’ and who own the necessary qualification ‘’kick-box coach’’, lead the training classes in the club. They are: Delyan Slavov, Svetoslav Maleshkov, Rosen Vangelov, Boyan Kolev and Aleksandar Stoilov. MASC ‘’BOIL’’ has 4 modern sports halls for kick-box and muay-thai trainings in Varna. All of them have the required equipment for beneficial training process – ring, tatami, punch bags, wall pads, punching ball, fast boxing bags and all the necessary ancillary accessories, needed for escalating to a high sports mastery.  In the sports halls, trainers lead activities for strengthening physics, developing the coordination power potential, forming a motivation in trainees and creating a permanent habits for systematic training. Annually, the club follows training classes complying a pre-established annual training plan, which contributes for the development of the high sports results and effective training classes for all age groups.

More than 200 individuals are training in the club, 84 of whom are filed for the previous 2016 in the Bulgarian kick-box and muay-thai federation.

We present you some of the trainееs, future and present champions:

/Teodor Hristov/ /Hristiqn Kanchev/ /Hristo Hristov/ /Bogdan Shumarov/
/Radoslav Kostov/ /Aleksandar Petrov/ /Velislav Nikolov/ /Dimitar Miltchev/

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