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VEMO 99 Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality herbal and enzyme feed additives, food enzymes, dietary supplements and standardized herbal extracts from rare Bulgarian remedial plants. The company has a long-year experience in the research and development of a series of innovative products, empowered by Bulgaria’s plentiful natural variety and rich resources of herbal materials.


Herbal and enzyme feed additives have been a key part of VEMO 99 Ltd’s production and business activities and a driving force behind its development since the company was set up. The products from these series have been successfully distributed on leading global markets due to their high quality and the fruitful relations of the company with its international partners.


The closed production cycle, i.e. from raw materials to the finished goods, allows VEMO 99 to maintain complete analytical and technological control, as well as to minimize production costs. This ensures the highest possible quality for the customers and enables the company to offer fairly competitive prices for the worldwide market.

VEMO 99 Ltd’s team has also been able to create and establish products and brands aimed to improve the lifestyle and health of people thanks to its long-year efforts and investments in research and production.

Headquarters in Sofia

Production facilities in Knezha

Production facilities in Sofia

R&D and Quality Control