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Herbal Supplements

VemoHerb Tribulus Forte (60 caps)

VemoHerb Tribulus Forte (60 caps)

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Special extract from Bulgarian Tribulus

  •  Strengthens, improves and regulates the the function of the prostate and the other endocrine glands

  •  Influences  positively the menopausal period

  •  Enhances  potency

  •  Decreases cholesterol levels


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Tribulus ForteThe combination of phytosterols, saponins and flavonoids

is suitable for:



  • disturbances in the functions of the secretory system and sexual system

  • non-malignant inflammation of the prostate

  • low sexual activity

  • sterility

  • hypertrophy of the prostate

  • infertility caused by presence of antibodies against spermatozoon

  • risk of miscarriage

  • genital and sexual problems in men and women

  • stimulation of the production of hormones in the organism

  • high cholesterol levels, weak blood vessels

  • overall weakness after severe infectious diseases and weakend immune system



It stimulates the lowered potency, caused by malfunction of the testicles, influenced of toxic substances or prolonged use of medicines.  



How and why it works?

VemoHerb® Tribulus Forte helps for strengthening, improving and regulating the function of the prostate and the other endocrine glands, influences positively the menopausal period, increases the libido, improves the physical and emotional status and decreases the risks of cancer of genitals and lacteal glands. The flavonoid glycosides strengthen the blood vessels, help the resorption of fats and maintain healthy cheolesterol levels.



In order for the main properties of protodioscin to be revealed, the rest of the saponins in the extract have a very important role, helping the transformation of protodioscin to dehydroepiandrosterone. It is believed that the latter slows down the aging processes, because in a normal steroidal synthesis in the organism, it takes part in the conversion of cholesterol into sex hormones. The lowered cholesterol levels are linked with the hypolipemic properties of the supplement and the positive influence on the immune system.



Ingredients in one capsule: 200,0 mg dry extract from Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris with content of 50% furostanol saponins, determined as protodioscin and 25% flavonoids determined as apigenin

Recommended dosage: 3 – 6 capsules daily

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