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Herbal Supplements

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus (30 g)

VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus (30 g)

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100% dry extract from Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris in powder form


  •  Increases strength and muscle growth

  •  No capsules, no fillers - just pure dry extract (bitter taste)

  •  Enhances sexual potency

  •  Promotes the natural production of sexual hormones

  •  Increases energy during daily trainings

  •  Releases the toxins from the body, accumulated during physical overworks

  •  Decreases fat levels while building muscles


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How and Why it WORKS?



The product in powder form is the same as the product in capsules. The advantage is that you get 100% pure extract of potent Tribulus with no need to swallow many capsules. The disadvantage is that the powder is with bitter strong herbal taste.

The properties of VemoHerb® Bulgarian Тribulus are due to the high content of steroidal saponins of furostanol type (60% determined as protodioscin).


The steroidal saponins are active substances, which stimulate the production of sex hormones (androgens and estrogens), influence the central nervous system and are defined as active components with anabolic character. They increase the testosterone levels in men’s organisms, regulate the hormonal balance without affecting its functional mechanism and improve the activity of the prostate.


In women they increase the levels of pregnenolone, progesterone, estrogens and enhance the libido and in that way the physical and psycho-emotional health of a woman is enshured.

Protodioscin stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone from the adenohypophysis and directly increases the secretion of the sex hormones. It sets up a positive nitrogen balance and improves the protein synthesis, including that in the muscles. This results in stimulated increase of the capabilities of the organism and the endurance of the body in cases of physical and mental overwork.

The pack contains: 3000 mg pure dry extract from Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris, with content of 60% furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin


Dosage and directions for use: 1/2 scoop (400 mg) 3 times a day



It is included in the bodybuilding programs and in developing of different recovering formulas for increasing the muscle strength and growth, in which cases most often applied in the following way:






- To increase muscle strength and growth
Since Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract does not distort the production and balance of male sexual hormones, it is harmless and has no side effects. Therefore, it is extremely effective for athletes seeking increasing of the muscle mass and strength in a safe way. In this case is recommended an 8-week intake of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris. The recommended daily dose is 10-15 mg / kg body weight divided at three intakes. For an 80 - 100 kg athlete the recommended dose is about 1000-1500 mg daily. After the 8-week cycle, a pause of 2 weeks is made, and enrollment can begin again. This cycle of 8-week intake, 2-week break can be repeated continuously.


- For recovery after prolonged steroids intake
Well known fact, is that continuous 6, 8 or 12 week steroid cycles stop the natural testosterone production in the athlete’s body, the testicles shrink, and this leads to impotence in men. It is clear however, that bodybuilders will always use anabolic steroids and therefore in such cases, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract is extremely important. After steroid cycle, a Tribulus terrestris extract cycle is recommended. In this case again an 8-week intake and 2-week break cycle is undertaken (as described above). Bodybuilders with disturbances in the natural testosterone production can use Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris extract even during the steroid cycle.

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  1. Using these herbal products increased general feeling of wellness in my life. Review by Thomas

    My name is Tomáš, age 50; training 5 times/ week; weight 89 kg. I have been doing bodybuilding as a hobby for 25 years with some gaps. I didnt train from 2006-2013. I started once more in the autumn 2013 with 2 workouts/week. First workout was a disaster I had a feeling I had never trained J. But fortunately body have a memory. As usual in my age I felt less energy, slow recuperation and I rather dont speak about sexual appetite J; that was the reason, why I started looking for same legal support, preferably herbs. I tried tribulus from several manufactures and ended up at your products, which are without question the best. I continued and tried ecdysterone with just great results. I felt like I was 15 yeras younger. Now I am a regular user of these products: triubulus terrestris, ecdysterone, fatburner ECA. My experience is that it is necessary put a break in using these products – to let receptors in the body keep sensitivity. I have a break usually cca 3-4 weaks and after that I start new cycle. During the cycle (cca 2 months) I slowly increase recommemded dosage.
    But I am experimenting - now for example I take 6 capsules of ecdysterone 1 hour before workout and thats all for the whole day. And results seams to be interesting.
    I should metion that I daily keep higher intake of proteins (2 g/day) mainly whey protein (I used to have 2,5 g/day), in training days 10g BCAA before and 10g BCAA after workout and cca 5 g of glutamin after workout and usually when I wake up during night.

    1. Types of Combinations:
    1.1. Which of our products you have combined so far?
    tribulus terrestris, ecdysterone, ECA, guggulsterone
    1.2. In what daily dosage?
    tribulus and ecdysterone from 6 to 12 capsule/day (it is quite expensive J); ECA 1-2 capsules before training and I rotate ECA with other fatburners. Combination all 4 produsts I tried only once and I didnt feel big difference from the combination trib+ecdy+ ECA; maybe faster fatburning.
    1.3. Before, during or after training? tribulus and ecdysterone usually 3 times a day (before breakfast, before lunch and in the evening). The whole dosage divided in equal amount.
    2. The effect of the combination:
    2.1. Please tell us more about your experience?
    2.2. What was the exact effect?
    I have much more energy, I lift higher weights, muscles have higher density and are harder, I psychologically and long term - am more courageous – brave J, I dont care about trifles. Sexually I am back in my 30ties J.
    2.3. How long after you started the products felt the effect?
    As I remember quite quickly –in 2-3 days.
    2.4. And for how long does it lasted?
    I felt results when I used products and when I stopped It started slowly fade away, but density of muscles kept.
    3. Their impact on the training process: I am able to train with really high intensity (I train 45-60 min) and with higher weights. Recuperation after workout is shorter than without these products. When I have a break in using these producsts the strenghts is going slowly down, but slowly – bench press 10-15 kg down after a month.
    3.1. Did they help you with the trainings? Yes, dramatically.
    3.2. How exactly they helped you?
    3.3. What were the final results?
    4. Any other information that you may share will be highly appreciated. Using these herbal products increased general feeling of wellness in my life.
    (Posted on 5/19/16)


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